Environmental Defence Tell the Ontario Energy Board to say no to the Energy East pipeline

Tell the Ontario Energy Board to say no to the Energy East pipeline

TransCanada wants to build the largest export pipeline in North America. Energy East would carry 1.1 million barrels of tar sands oil from Alberta through eastern Canada – every day.

Make your voice heard about this risky project. The Ontario Energy Board (OEB) wants to hear from Ontario residents about this proposal.

Energy East would put hundreds of communities in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick at risk of a tar sands oil spill. Ontario would see few benefits because the tar sands oil shipped through the pipeline would go across Ontario to be exported.

The pipeline would also allow tar sands production to grow, increasing Canada’s greenhouse gas pollution that contributes to climate change. Ontario has taken meaningful action to reduce its emissions by shutting coal plants, but the increase from the tar sands would wipe out those gains.

Stand up for Canada and for Ontario by sending a letter to the OEB urging the province to consider all the risks of this project, including threats to Ontario communities from oil spills, spikes in global warming pollution, and threats to important sectors of our economy, such as manufacturing. Tell Ontario to focus on safer, cleaner energy sources, which are better for our economy and the environment.

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