Environmental Defence Stop Tar Sands Expansion

Stop Tar Sands Expansion

The tar sands are damaging our land, water, air, health and climate. If Big Oil gets their way and triples tar sands production by 2030, greenhouse gas pollution will soar, high concentrations of toxic chemicals will be released into the air and water, precious habitat for animals like the endangered woodland caribou will be lost, and there will be a permanent scar on vast swaths of the Great Boreal Forest. Tar sands development is devastating First Nations rights to their traditional land and livelihoods.

The tar sands are standing in the way of Canadian action on climate change and they are tarnishing our international reputation. Expanding the tar sands would see Canada left behind as the world moves on to economies powered by cleaner and safer renewable energy. We’re already missing out on clean energy investments that would create eight times more jobs than investing in the tar sands.

The tar sands account for less than two per cent of Canada’s economy and yet, they are Canada’s largest and fastest growing source of greenhouse gas pollution. Our shared climate cannot handle much more carbon, and the tar sands are one of the highest carbon fuels on the planet.

A growing number of concerned citizens from coast to coast to coast are raising their voices and saying that Canadians – and the water, air, land and climate – deserve better. Sign the letter below to tell the oil industry and the governments of Alberta and Canada that we want a future powered by clean, safe renewable energy, not polluting tar sands that tip us closer to dangerous climate change.

The letter will be sent to Prime Minister Harper, Federal Natural Resources Minister Rickford, Federal Environment Minister Aglukkaq, Alberta Premier Hancock, and Dave Collyer, President of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers . The letter will be cc’d to opposition party leaders Thomas Mulcair, Justin Trudeau and Elizabeth May.

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