Take Action & Sign the Petition Last Chance to Protect our Greenbelt from Greedy Developers

Last Chance to Protect our Greenbelt from Greedy Developers

Developers want Ontario to weaken our precious Greenbelt so they can build more of the far-flung sprawl developments that are so lucrative for them. They say there's not enough land available for first-time homeowners. These developers are not telling the truth.

There are more than 104,000 hectares of land (the size of 1.5 Torontos!) already available within the Greater Golden Horseshoe. That's more than enough space for new homes and smart, modern, transit-friendly communities. The truth is they are hoarding land so that supply is constrained artificially, and the prices skyrocket so they make bigger profits.

Sign the letter below and urge the Ontario government to stand up to greedy developers. Ontario must protect and grow our Greenbelt and not let sprawl developers pave over the last of Ontario’s prime farmland.

Subject: Stop Sprawl and Protect our Greenbelt

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