Environmental Defence Ban microbeads in Ontario

Ban microbeads in Ontario

The Great Lakes – a source of drinking water for more than 80 per cent of Ontarians – are choking on plastic pollution. Millions of tiny synthetic plastic beads, called microbeads, are flowing from our bathroom drains – from products like body wash, toothpaste, and facial cleansers – directly into the Great Lakes and other waterways.  

Despite being small in size, these beads are having a big impact.

They are being eaten by fish and birds, which can cause digestive blockages, dehydration, and even death from starvation thanks to stomachs full of plastic. The plastics absorb dangerous toxics that can harm wildlife when they mistake the colourful beads for food.  

Thankfully, Ontario is taking action. MPP Marie-France Lalonde introduced a private member’s bill that would ban the sale and manufacturing of products containing microbeads in Ontario.

Your help is needed to ensure the proposed law is passed. Send an email to ask Glen Murray, Minster of Environment and Climate Change, to help get the bill passed and to thank MPP Lalonde for her leadership on this issue.

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