Take Action & Sign the Petition Tell Ontario to strengthen and grow the Greenbelt and choose smarter growth

Tell Ontario to strengthen and grow the Greenbelt and choose smarter growth

Developers want to roll back proposed protection of Ontario’s Greenbelt so they can keep sprawling over prime farmland and sensitive natural areas – Don’t let them win!

Growth in southern Ontario is poised for positive change: moving away from destructive and costly sprawl towards livable communities that protect watersheds, farmland and sensitive ecosystems.

But some in the development industry want to turn back the clock. Sprawl developers want to keep building high property tax, far flung 1950s style sprawl subdivisions and the highways to get there. We need to act now to ensure the government doesn’t cave to pressure from sprawl developers who want to pave over the forests and farmland that clean our air and water, and provide us with local food.

Now’s the time to make your voice heard!

Tell Ontario you want to say goodbye to old-style sprawl that has left us with gridlock, municipal debts, degraded water, destroyed forests and farmland at risk. By growing up and in rather than out, we can invest in public transit in urbanized areas and build walkable, sustainable communities that are better for our health, environment and wallets.
Take action today. Tell Ontario that you support the plan to protect the Greenbelt and choose smarter growth.

Subject: Protect the Greenbelt and Choose Smarter Growth

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