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Stop Highway 413

Ontario’s Greenbelt aims to protect farmland and forests. But the proposed Highway 413 (also called the GTA West) would cut through the Greenbelt and pave thousands of acres of Class 1 and Class 2 farmland – among the best farmland in Canada.

The highway would damage forests and natural areas. And it would degrade the Credit River and Humber River watersheds, which flow into Lake Ontario – a source of drinking water for millions.

Highway 413 would be a transportation mistake. Running parallel to Highway 407, the redundant highway would cost Ontario taxpayers over $4 billion. Highway 413 will not reduce traffic jams. It will be a catalyst for more sprawl, causing more people to be stuck in their cars. And it will contribute to climate change.  

Instead of spending billions on a mega-highway, Ontario should invest in public transit, which can move more people across the region. For example, one GO train can move 1,670 people. Investing the $4 billion in rapid transit would mean more people getting to their homes, schools and businesses faster. And it would mean local farms, forests and rivers would be protected.

It’s time to get Ontario moving and a mega-highway isn’t the answer. Take action now to help stop Highway 413.

Subject: Stop Highway 413: Invest in Public Transit

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