Take Action & Sign the Petition Tell Ontario to fix its bottled water problem

Tell Ontario to fix its bottled water problem

Water bottlers take Ontario’s water for next-to-nothing, and leave a trail of plastic bottles behind.

Ontario has a bottled water problem. Companies like Nestle are threatening communities’ access to drinking water. They pay only $3.71 for every million litres of water they take from Ontario’s aquifers. And then they sell that same water back to us at a huge mark-up in polluting plastic bottles! Each year, one billion plastic bottles sold in the province end up in landfills or the environment. That’s almost 3 million bottles a day, or more than 100,000 every hour!

We need to rewrite the rules for bottlers, and make them deal with their plastic-polluting-ways.

It’s time to protect Ontario’s water supply, make bottling companies pay much more for the water they take, and put a deposit on the bottles so they don’t end up as litter in our environment.

Ontario is one of the only provinces without a deposit return program for plastic beverage containers, including plastic water bottles. Deposit programs work – the province’s deposit program for beer bottles has a return rate of 98 per cent. We can build on this success to capture plastic bottles too!

Tell Ontario to protect our water by putting community needs before corporate greed, and a deposit on single-use plastic bottles.

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Premier Kathleen Wynne
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