Take Action & Sign the Petition Save Lake Erie: Take the water pledge

Save Lake Erie: Take the water pledge

Lake Erie is a global treasure – it provides drinking water for millions of people, and supports a multi-million dollar economy and a truly remarkable ecosystem. The lake is home to nearly 2.7 million Canadians, and countless birds, animals, and fish. And it needs your help.

Sadly, right now, the lake is under threat. Runoff pollution from urban and agricultural lands is impacting the health of the lake and turning its waters a nasty shade of green. As a result, fish are dying, and at times the water has become unsafe for humans to drink or swim.

Action is needed to reduce the amount of runoff pollution getting into the lake to protect wildlife and human health.

As someone who is concerned about the well-being of Lake Erie, will you?

•    Stand for the protection of Lake Erie and the wetlands surrounding it
•    Support solutions that result in cleaner waters
•    Learn more about Lake Erie, and spread the word

Add your voice to the community of people standing with Lake Erie.

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