Take Action & Sign the Petition Don't let greedy developers pave over Ontario's Greenbelt!

Don't let greedy developers pave over Ontario's Greenbelt!

The Greenbelt is at risk from some developers who want to pave over Ontario's Greenbelt with low-density cookie-cutter sprawl and highways. Don't let them destroy Ontario's Greenbelt!

The Greenbelt protects some of the province's most sensitive natural areas and best remaining farmland in Canada. It provides us with local food, access to nature, and is a source of clean drinking water for millions of people in the Greater Golden Horseshoe, which includes the GTA.

Currently, there are over 650 requests to take out land from the Greenbelt. Many developers are calling for even bigger areas to be removed. If Ontario approves these requests, even more developers will ask to remove land from Greenbelt. And before we know it, the Greenbelt will begin to disappear and it won't be long before it's gone.

Tell Ontario to keep the Greenbelt strong for today and future generations. Demand that Ontario turn down greedy requests from profit-driven developers to take land out of the Greenbelt. Now's the time to save the Greenbelt for good!

Subject: Resist greedy requests from sprawl developers to remove land from Ontario’s Greenbelt

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